About Brooke Lynn


Hey y’all!  I’m Brooke Lynn; a sixteen year old new and upcoming country artist with a magical passion for singing and performing.  At fifteen years old, I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to record my very first country album, “Little Angels,” at Sony ATV Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was the coolest experience in the world; my dreams were literally right in front of me.  I co-wrote three songs on my album; being pretty new at this whole, “song-writing” thing, it was full of very educational and life-changing moments.  Being able to put your thoughts, concerns, dreams, etc., down on paper and to organize and jumble them all together is such a beautiful thing and from these experiences, I have found a new passion for writing music and sharing my songs and stories with the world.  


The whole process of recording my first album was absolutely crazy, stressful, but SO FUN!  I was thrown songs left and right and had to choose the ones that I felt the most connected with, the ones that really stood out and struck me with awe; and I did just that, while adding three of my own into the mix, including “Mean Girls,” “Little Angels,” and “It Was Like, Love.”  My album includes ten songs that all have unique personalities, stories, and attitudes, which I absolutely LOVE.  The mixture of the songs is perfect, because you have a little bit of sass, praise for the amazing God we have, LOVE (of course), and friendship; All of which I love singing about because those topics all play vital roles in my life.  Recording my songs was absolutely phenomenal, whether it was with the band or just vocals, the recording studio is one of my FAVORITE places to be.  Working with the people I have so far, Rick Holt, Brian Taylor, all the band members, sound engineers, and everyone else involved has been so memorable; I will never forget the utmost kindness and talent that was shown. 


This last summer of 2012, I was presented with the opportunity to create a music video for one of the songs I’ve co-wrote, “Little Angels,” within the magnificent beauty of Nashville, Tennessee.  It was hard work but it was so worth it!  It was an amazing process and I’m so proud to say that I was able to incorporate my gorgeous sister in the video, as well!  The actresses in the video were so wonderful to work with and I’m so thankful that I was fortunate enough to have them in it!  It was such a fun few days and seeing the finished product brought tears to my eyes.  Make sure to check it out, you will not be disappointed! 


Ever since I could talk, I’ve been singing; Or so my parents claim.  I remember growing up and putting on “concerts” in my basement for my family, singing Miranda Lambert, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, etc. songs all the time!  I have always loved singing and performing for anyone who had the time to listen!  It really hit me that I had something going on in the “vocal area” when I entered my first singing competition.  It was, believe it or not, a legit, last minute decision.  I quickly learned Martina McBride’s song, “Anyway,” and I ended up winning with that song!  It made me realize that I loved singing, even more than I had imagined.  Ever since then, I have been singing in various competitions, at church, family weddings & funerals, football games, and in choir!  On top of that, I, also, sing every chance I get; Whether it’s in the car singing along to the radio or rehearsing for a live performance.


I am mesmerized by the women and men of country music and they continue to impress me.  I idolize all of them and am a fan of all of their incredible music.  I have always loved country music and will always stay a true fan.  My biggest dream is to stand alongside my idols onstage and be considered ‘one of them.’  I am determined to work the hardest I’ve ever worked and to get where I want to be.  I believe that I can achieve my goals, that God will lend me a hand and watch over me the whole way.


Besides singing, I’m a normal high school girl who loves to play basketball and loves to run, especially in track!  I am currently learning to play the guitar on my new Taylor, and it is so much fun!!  I am always up to learn and love math and science, specifically biology and anatomy!  I love to shop and I love my outfits; sparkles are my favorite!  I love fashion but to be completely honest, most of the time I don’t have the energy to follow through with it, unfortunately. (:  I love hanging out with my girls; you will never get too old for a girls night.  I love land and woods that you can fore-wheeler and snowmobile in for hours; it brings peace and serenity along with some fun.  I love being with my family, especially because my siblings and I can be super crazy together and no one thinks it to be weird.  I have two beautiful black labs who have the key to my heart; but in reality, any dog could melt my heart.  I am a true VIKINGS football fan and always will be; I mean come on, who couldn’t love Adrian Peterson?  I love Twitter and normally tweet at least once a day; just a normal girl with a HUGE dream.


I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far; It’s a huge step in the right direction towards where I will be one day.  I cannot picture myself doing anything else but singing, performing, writing, recording, every single day.  It’s my dream, my passion, my life.  Without it, I wouldn’t be me.  I thank the amazing Lord that has blessed me with the amazing people in my life that surround and support me.  My fans are so beautiful and amazing; I’ll never be able to thank you guys enough for standing by my side and loving my music.  I am so thankful for these opportunities and experiences.  I truly believe He has put me on this earth to sing, and that is exactly what I’m going to do.  I am determined to get to where I want to be and I will never quit doing the thing I can’t live without.  


I was born to sing.



Brooke Lynn<3